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Am Afraid! Nigeria Entertainment Industry Is Going The Same Way As Nigeria Politics

Am Afraid! Nigeria Entertainment Industry Is Going The Same Way As Nigeria Politics

Am Afraid! Nigeria Entertainment Industry Is Going The Same Way As Nigeria Politics

Appropriate from the political period of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Akitu Abubakar, President Musa Yar’dua, and a large group of best legislators, the vast majority of these men have been running and managing the Nigeria Politics since the 1990s’ till date , in this way not leaving any political seat for youthful blood to assume control from the post they so much value. I figure this debate the say that “what’s to come is in the hands on the adolescents “.

Presently, this takes me back to the amusement division in Nigeria, from any semblance of 2face, Idris Abdulkarim, Tony Tetuila, Olu-Maintain, P-square (however now isolated), and a bundle of other old effective Music divine beings that have been in the music diversion for long and not by any means prepared to resign, which on the long blocks routes for youthful and ‘frail’ artists in the music line.

Indeed! you will say what in regards to any semblance of Davido and Wizkid that are becoming wildly successful even while these old artiste are still there.

Davido is a dedicated youth from a rich foundation (Opportunity meets cash), Wizkid was prepared by Banky W, and Banky gave Wizkid heaps of chances and that is the reason Wizkid will dependably incorporate Banky’s name when composing his examples of overcoming adversity. This is only one positive case in out of a thousand negative cases in the business.

Other artiste that have made it don’t have sufficient energy to prep up and coming artiste and why is this so ? This is on account of they still all need there names in the amusement line subsequently thinning the shot of that youthful artiste to end up noticeably enormous.

As of late M.I discharged a tune titled “You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives”

The melodies talked regarding why M.I can’t resign from the Music scene yet, ‘cus mostof these up and coming aren’t very much prepared, they just tend to discharge tunes that keep going only couple of weeks reporting in real time waves and that is all.

As a music pundit, the issue isn’t the youthful artist, yet the old vocalist who has declined to instruct the youthful artists on the most proficient method to assume control from them in the excitement world, BUT NO! Everyone still love the Fame, Money and Paparazzi, much the same as the Nigeria Politics

This has been my dread for the music business in Nigeria, it won’t not be that conspicuous now, but rather trust me, it is transforming and I truly trust the business understands this before it is excessively late.#GroomTheYoung


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